Best BR games on the mobile

The current situation in the mobile game industry

There are many video games available for downloading on your mobile phone. People just like to play it so developers just make more and more games in order to make money. People like to play games while they are waiting for a doctor or going to work in a bus, people just like to play it. I am one of them as well. I like to kill some time with my phone games while I have nothing better to do.


There are really many different games to choose from, but you will definitely find something for yourself. New games are in the Google Playstore and iTunes every single day and you will surely find something that fits you style. You can choose from puzzle games, shooters, strategy, multiplayer games, tower defense and most popular of them all right now is idle games.

Mobile video games

Idle games are really fun. They usually don’t require a lot of time and are really easy to play with lots of cool sounds and visual effects. They will keep you entertained for a while. Also, there are a lot of cheats for mobile video games out there, and you can try to use some of them if you get stuck on a level or just want more resources (one of them is called the Toon Blast Cheats and you can get extra resources for your game).


People often use cheats for the games as they will give them something extra so they can progress faster. Most of these cheats won’t give a player unfair advantage such as aimbot or wallhack as this is not popular in mobile games. In mobile games, the most popular cheats are cheats for resources and premium accounts, if the game offers one.

So with all that being said, if you have a lot of free time and you’re not reading a book or doing something else, you should really consider playing some mobile games. You will have fun and your wait will not be stressful. But all of that comes with a price. You will drain your battery if you play often. So if you don’t have a good battery, you should carry portable power bank so you can charge the phone if you drain the battery. You can avoid games that are graphic heavy as they will drain the most of your battery really fast (anything with 3D models and a lot of visual effects). But all other games are just fine regarding the battery.


Go to your mobile market on whatever phone and download some games, let the fun begin!