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The new chairman-Mr....
The new chairman-Mr.Tannowa Toshi visits SSMC in the afternoon of April 15,2010 and meet the general...

Company Introduction

Shanghai petrochemical --Mitsui Chemical Co., 博亚娱乐. was founded on April 10, 2006 it is a joint venture by Sinopec and the Mitsui Chemical Co., 博亚娱乐., Both parties hold 50% share, The first phase of the project-12 million tons/year of Bisphenol-A, total investment of nearly $1 billion, have been completed in December 2008.
Bisphenol-A is the main raw material of the production of polycarbonate resin, The industry of Bisphenol-A Is basic raw materials industry supported by the country, and been given the priority to the development, To invest in this field is in accordance with the national industry policy. For a long time, China's domestic market of BPA primarily rely on imports to meet demand; The success of this Bisphenol-A project putting into production, mitigated the domestic Bisphenol-A supply shortage to a certain extent, it has created a favourable conditions to the healthy development of downstream products As well.