Armed Security Guard Orange County – Need To Know More About

If recruiting a security guard(s) for a particular occasion or your own personal protection, it ‘s crucial to notify the organization about your unique requirements and expectations when picking a guard(s) or security squad. It would help guarantee that they provide you with the best type about guard for your scenario, because security guards are available at varying rates of authority and firearms permits.

Here’s an overview of your two basic options for security guards: Armed and Unarmed.

Armed guards: Armed security guards are required to attend state-mandated training, annual weapons re-qualification, FBI fingerprint checks and a comprehensive background assessment. Armed guards are permitted to stop and/or detain individuals, prevent entry to venues / events, make arrests and stop or prevent crimes or harm to individuals and/or property; armed guards may execute their authority through the use of armed guards

Unarmed guards: Unarmed guards are not permitted to intervene with a person that is threatening others or doing collateral destruction. Unarmed security guards are primarily employed to offer protection and peace of mind for gatherings, private homes, high-profile persons or ordinary residents. Unarmed guards may call police or emergency responders when assisting a customer tackle an inc.